Live Coverage of ACS 2018
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 Breaking News From The American Coatings Show
Friday, April 20th, 2018
American Coatings Show 2018 Comes to a Successful Conclusion
With more than 9,200 attendees and 558 exhibitors, the ACS is the largest paint and coatings show in the Americas.
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Live From American Coatings Show 2018
Sights from the show.
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BASF “Trending” at American Coatings Show
BASF highlighted broad capabilities at ACS.
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Lanxess Receives National Green Plant Certificate 2018
Lanxess Receives National Green Plant Certificate 2018
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 2018 Exhibitor Showcase

Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical has been in the color business for over 100 years. Sun Chemical is a leading provider of organic pigments, pigment preparations, effect pigments and powder coatings. Sun Chemical also provides the coatings market industry leading acrylic, polyester, PUD and epoxy resins. We have the products and expertise to help you formulate a coating for your specific needs. Key ingredients that work together to create superior architectural, automotive and industrial coatings.


Suzhou Norshine Performance Material Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou Norshine Performance Material Co.,Ltd was established in 2006. We’re the first company in China that manufactures PTFE micro powders in large scale.

Norshine PTFE micro powder is designed for use in high end performance Coating and Inks. It is a low micron mean value and a very narrow particle size distribution. As additives in paints and coatings where improvements in non-stick, mar resistance, slip, chemical resistance, and moisture repelling characteristics are desired. Micronized PTFE-modified Polyethylene Wax as an additive provides good slip and abrasion resistance in solventborne and powder coatings.

Norshine PTFE micropowder & PT/PTFE can be used in below area:
  • Cookware / Bakeware
  • Metal cans
  • Grease and Lubricant
  • Coating & Inks
Visit us at ACS Booth #2992


Troy Corp.

Set a course for Booth 1442 to learn about Troy's full portfolio of products, including advanced technology dry-film and wet-state preservatives, performance additives, driers, and powder coating additives. Troy will feature a field test site exhibit that showcases the performance of Polyphase® 663, Polyphase® S99, and NEW Polyphase® 763CR. In addition, Troy will be presenting the new HomeShield™ co-branding program as well as the unique TMMA microbial management service.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1442


Unimin Corporation

Unimin's diverse portfolio of functional fillers and extenders helps customers achieve better cost and performance results across a wide range of coatings applications, including: - Architectural (interior and exterior) - Car refinishing - General industrial - Marine - Powder - Wood Whether you’re looking for whiteness or color development, chemical or UV stability, stain and scrub resistance or hiding power, green formulating or cost management, Unimin has the right solution.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1871


Van Horn, Metz & Co., Inc.

Van Horn, Metz & Co., Inc. would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the ACS this year! It was a pleasure to meet you and we hope that the products and technologies we showcased during this year’s event, will help your new product developments!

For more information and details, please contact your Van, Horn, Metz sales representative or VHM directly at! Our team of technical specialists is looking forward to working with you!



Arkema Coating Resins, featuring water and solvent borne binders, additives and polyester powder resins. Coatex Rheology Modifiers Kynar PVDF Coatings and Resins and Orgasol® polyamides for powder coatings. Arkema Acrylic Monomers. Sartomer Photocure Resins featuring acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals. Luperox® Organic Peroxide. CECA, featuring molecular sieves and filtration products. Bostik, featuring co-polyester can coating resins and heat seal coatings.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1031


Brenntag North America

Brenntag’s Comprehensive Product Portfolio includes a full-line of Industrial and Specialty raw materials. Featured products include polyether polyols for broad urethane applications, acrylic emulsion polymers with excellent film-forming properties for adhesive formulations, low VOC glycol ether plasticizer coalescent materials, hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins used in adhesives and coatings applications, new foam control and slip/leveling additives, molecular sieves for moisture scavenging applications and benzoate plasticizers for phthalate replacement.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1749


Brilliant Group, Inc.

Brilliant offers a world-class range of fluorescent pigments, soluble toners, and paint and ink concentrates to the global marketplace. Our product offerings cover applications for coatings, inks, and plastics, among others. Our global team is steeped in fluorescent pigment technology and works closely with our customers to provide appropriate solutions, whether for water, solvent, UV, etc.

With our new US manufacturing facility, we have increased capacity to better serve our customers' demands. Feel free to stop by and hear about our latest developments.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2864


Engineered Polymer Solutions

EPS/CCA is a leading supplier of resins and colorants to serve the Architectural, Industrial, Construction, Adhesives and Sealants markets. With decades of experience, we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and helping them succeed with innovative technology and superior service. With a personalized approach, innovative technology and exceptional technical service we make doing business easy.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2061


GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

GTI is a leading manufacturer of tight tolerance light booths for visual color matching and inspection. Viewers are available in a range of sizes and models, conform to ASTM D1729, SAE J361, and ISO 3668 standards, include up to five light sources, and are available with floor stands and storage cabinets. From desktop systems to complete harmony rooms, GTI can configure a color matching system for you. GTI’s products are manufactured in the USA.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1566


Keeneyes International Co., Ltd

Keeneyes International Co., Ltd. is a reputable independent chemical trading company with customers in global market. We supply raw materials for:

  • Polymer (resin, adhesive, plastic)
  • Plastic additives (High Performance Antioxidant, UV absorber, Anti-Static Agent and Modifier)
  • Coating additives (Paint and Ink)Specialty fine chemicals
  • Curing agent for epoxy resin and PU resin
  • Metal and Mining materials trading、other relative specialty chemicals

keim additec surface GmbH

Specialists for :
  • water based wax additives
  • dispersants/defoamers
  • micronized waxes
  • Water based ULTRALUBE® wax additives
  • SILCONA high performance non-wax based additives and defoamers
  • CERONAS micronized mju:wax® with a high degree of renewable origin
Visit us at ACS Booth #1367


Kuncai Americas LLC

Fujian Kuncai Material Technologies Co., Ltd. is a global leading enterprise in the development and manufacturing of pearlescent pigments. Located in Central Ohio, the Kuncai Americas branch offers local warehousing and supply chain solutions, along with a knowledgeable team ready to bring innovation and quality to your next project.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2561



LANXESS Inorganic Pigments (IPG) is introducing its new product range of red iron oxide pigments. The new grades, Bayferrox® 510, Bayferrox TP 5278 and Bayferrox TP 5279, satisfy demand for more yellow-shade red pigments. Performance-wise, the new red grades meet the high standards of the well-known Bayferrox brand and provide unique benefits for paints and coatings producers. NEW REDs are produced by the Ningbo process, a uniquely sustainable manufacturing method based on patented technology.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2928



Lonza continues to innovate, providing our customers with high-performance preservation systems that comply with the evolving regulatory environment. Proxel Spektra™ Preservative joins Proxel® BZ Plus and Proxel® LS Preservatives in our MIT-free product portfolio offering long-term, robust protection to preserve our customer’s products and reputation.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1055



Visit Lubrizol in booth #1643 at ACS 2018 as we introduce some new and unique innovations for coatings using a fun and educational Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1643


Micro Powders Inc.

Micro Powders, Inc., a global supplier of high performance wax additives, launches Polyfluo 523AL, a highly engineered HDPE/PTFE composite reinforced with 300 nm aluminum oxide nanoparticles (Mohs hardness 9.0). Polyfluo 523AL dramatically boosts scratch resistance (pencil hardness) in all types of coating systems. This microfine composite gives the formulator the cutting-edge performance of alumina nanopowder in a safe, easier-to-disperse, non-nano additive. The density of Polyfluo 523AL is optimized for maximum surface mobility and minimal settling.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2161



AGITAN® 786N, a modified organosiloxane based defoamer for aqueous systems, designed to provide superior defoaming persistence and excellent dispersibility without causing wetting defects such as craters or fisheyes.

EDAPLAN® LA 414 and LA 415, modified organopolysiloxane based slip additives suitable for water-based and solvent-based systems that provide excellent slip properties and improve scratch resistance.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1448


Pilot Chemical Company

Pilot Chemical will showcase new products from its Masurf® Fluorosurfactant line at the American Coatings Show. Masurf® Fluorosurfactants offer excellent wetting and leveling properties, low usage levels, and are ideally suited for a broad range of paint and coating applications. New products Pilot Chemical will highlight at the show include: Masurf® FS-3335A is a water-soluble, anionic fluorosurfactant and Masurf® FS-3330A, a 30 percent active c6-based ammonium fluoroaliphatic phosphate ester in aqueous solution.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1479


SBS Steel Belt Systems USA

SBS Steel Belt Systems USA designs and builds continuous process plants, equipped with steel belts from Berndorf Band Group, for a wide range of applications in the powder coating, rubber, adhesive, resin, wax, and food industries. We also specialize in engineering services such as the refurbishing of existing systems and material testing. To schedule an appointment with one of our technical engineers at booth #2876, please email us at

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2876


Shamrock Technologies

Shamrock presents specialty powders and dispersions for applications in industrial, architectural, plastic, can/coil, UV-curable, and powder coatings. Our global company provides additives for improving surface slip, mar and abrasion resistance, matting, texturing, and water repellency challenges locally. Discuss your next coatings project with us at the American Coatings Show Booth #2377.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2377


Shepherd Color

Shepherd Color produces a wide range of Complex Inorganic Color Pigments used in the coatings industry. These pigments are an extraordinary class of traditional metal oxide materials that offer stable, long-lasting color for many applications. Also, they have unbeatable weatherability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. With advances in color and technology, rely on Shepherd Color to Brighten your Life with quality products and innovation.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 2477



Solvay is your preferred partner for innovative coating products - from concept to formulation, from the lab to production, from regulatory registration to product launch. As a global leader of high performance specialty monomers, surfactants, dispersants and additives, we deliver solutions that boost color, binder and performance efficiency. Our network of R&I, tech-support and regulatory experts works directly with customers to create new formulations that meet consumer benefits and claims.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 1541


Specialty Polymers

Specialty Polymers is your source for innovative, customized resins. For nearly 50 years Specialty Polymers has supplied coatings manufacturers with high-quality emulsions. Our experienced chemists and dedicated sales team recognize that each customer is unique. Our mission is to provide the exact polymer to fit your formulation needs. And no matter what size your company is, Specialty Polymers is focused on providing the best service and support in the industry.

Visit us at ACS Booth # 525


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